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Monday, January 19, 2009

We got Featured yet again

Shop like a Celebrity

"I love this dress! It's just so grecian-inspired!
Braided dresses are IN!
Get this from
Phe-Lau-Wer at RM45!
Omg it's so celebrity-inspired, don't you think?
Perfect for the girl next door."

quoted from Shop like a Celebrity


A Shopaholic's Den

"Ahh.. we haven't seen these in a while have we? The ribbon tied cropped cardis! And I totally love this shade of blue, am starting to fall in love with a new colour!"

quoted from A Shopaholic's Den


Diary of an E-Shopahollic

"Simply pretty scarves!Gorgeous sakura blossom prints, light lace trimmings, and embroidered tassels at the end. :)Moderately thick to keep you warm in college. ;)Perfect to sweeten up a basic spag. top. :)RM 35"

quoted from Diary of an E-Shopaholic

Do click on their links at our sidebar to read on more reviews

Thanks so much babes!!

Vintage Coco

Huala,... we're back with more dresses again after the UNIFEST blast!!!
Chinese New Year in 6 more days.. and shopping still goes on. *wink*
This time we have here a little simple dress... Kinda vintage if you ask me! *giggles*
But is real cute!
Look at the bottom of the dress and you'll know...
Strechable at the bust area with a tie ribbon at the neck!

+: Size: uk6 to uk12
+: Price: RM 50 --->> Now RM48 only
+: available in two colours only...
2 Coco Dark - sold
2 Coco Light - 1 pending 1 available

Ribbon Cardigan


+: Size: Free (uk6 to uk10)
+: Material : Cotton
+: Price: RM 35 ---->> NOW RM 30 only
grey - Sold

Pashmina Shawls

The prints on this pashmina is really sweeeet. Its 100% cotton which makes it really soft. Comes in 3 pretty colors, pink, purple and mustard.

Material is moderately thick, able to keep you warm and able to still let u survive in Malaysia's weather.

This piece really gets people grabbin, get yours now!!

Price : RM35 ---->>> NOW RM30 only

pink (2 SOLD)

purple (2 SOLD)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Jackie


GOING FOR RM25 now!!

Cropped cardis have always been everyone's favourite.. Now what bout cropped jacket?? *wink*

You can wear it formal or informal, how you want it??

Work, presentation, shopping; no problem *giggles*

A pretty Blazer that just suits everything and anywhere... wow wow..

And look at the buttons... sooooo cute rite??

+: Size: Free : UK6 to 10
+: Price: RM 43 --->>Now RM 30 only
+: Available in
Grey - SOLD
Black - SOLD
Dark Brown - SOLD
OOOpsss... We got reviewed again !!!
By Shopping Critique...
Thanks so much babe!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

UNIFEST was a blast!!

Hey babes..thanks for supporting Phelauwer Boutique at UNIFEST 09'.

Our friends came to suport us too....

Wanna see mpre pics?, here's the url


PLUS PLUS ++ ..... quickly get your membership cards now! Then you would have priviledges like discounts and MEMBER SALES!!!....*screams*

Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Cardees and Legging got spotted!

Thank you so much babes!!


Our Cardee got caught!
"OMG!! I've seen so many cardigans but look at this!! Cropped ones! Super adorable.. They come in black, yellow, blue and white and with the cheap price of RM25! You girls better grab them before I do! ;p" Qouted by Will.Shop.Till.Drop admin...

Spotted: A Shopaholic's Den

Our leggings been featured!
Thank you so much darlings for making Phelauwer Boutique..

Turqoise Lurve

Craving for something comfy, free and yet stylish?
When you're out with a simple ordinary outing, just let it loose!
A little too plain for shopping and chilling out with the gurls, no sweat!
Put a waist clincher on and huala, a mini dress for you, or a long top to go with your favourite pair of leggings..
Oh, not to mention about clubbing; take a look at the back.. is tie ribbon (which means you can tie it any way you like to show of you pretty shoulders. *giggles*

+: Size: Free (uk8 to 14)
+: Price: RM52 ----->> NOW RM45 only

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Baby Milo got Reviewed!!

Thanks to A Shopaholic's Den for the review

" Now, now boys, don't say we forgot all about you! We got spidey baby milo tees just for you! *giggles* And they look really cute as well too, no? *winks* get it for the darling boifee already! "

quoted from Shopaholic's Den



Saturday, January 3, 2009

I <3 MNG Jeans

Nothing beats a day out with just tank and jeans.
They always look sexy and stunning on girls.
(pssst, ladies, this a way to thru with nothing to wear moments)

Cotton material, strechable, thick and not to mention supeeeer comfy. Too add up the spice, the heart shape just simply adoring.
It's razor back. Gosh! We Just Love it!

+: size: uk6 to 10
+: price : RM35 ----->> NOW RM25 only
+: status : available in teal, yellow, pink(SOLD) and white

Friday, January 2, 2009

Tees for Her

For a fresh start, we have "Tees for Her". Yes for you.

Tees are the must haves rite? It'll never go out of trend and it will always looks good on you.
How can you resist it (even when you have tonnes of it) *grins*

Love Mania



+: material : cotton
+: size : Free (preferably from XS to M only)
RM10 only!!

Love Mania

1 black - Sold
2 black - available
White - SOLD OUT


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tees For Him - SOLD OUT

BYE 2008, and HELLO 2009 !!
This is our very FIRST batch of tees for Him
Guys, if you're reading it, why not getting one of them and Girls, lets give him a little pressie to make him melt* for you.
It comes in 6 different cool colours for him.

Don't you find the little babymilo spidey is just oh-so-cute !!!
Oh, by the way, there's something at the top back too...
( a tiny picture of babymilo spidey)
Pictures front and back, you'll never get away un-noticed *grins*

+: Size : Large
+: Material : Cotton, and comfortable too

+: Price: RM30 each --->> NOW RM25 only

+: Status and Colours :
Black- Sold
Red - Sold
Grey - Sold
Brown - Sold
Army green - Sold
White - Sold